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Smart Home is an automation solution that supports encoding and configuring instruments that interpret voice commands and send messages to cloud-enabled devices. It allows users to use cloud devices to implement remote connection and manipulation of home or office equipment. The Amazon Alexa Home Skills API is the platform that plays an essential role in understanding and converting commands into directives before transferring them to smart home skills.

Does your infrastructure consist of the Skills Adapter, a feature hosted on Amazon Web Services? AWS Lambda and an event feed that represents Alexa Connected Home. The API sends requests to the user's skills adapter in JSON format. These requests generally consist of objects and payload objects.

The user skill set adapter, in turn, returns responses in JSON format that contain objects and payload objects in the same way. The API can be developed in multiple languages. A developer must open an Amazon developer account and purchase an OAuth 2.0 access token in order to use this API to develop smart home skills..

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