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Free VAT rates for developers Our VAT rates API is an easy way to use VAT rates in your project. Our API is based on the content of our tax rules and rates are updated as tax rules change to stay current. You can use this API to: - Get the tax rate for a five-digit US postal code - Get the tax rate for a specific US address Avalara is an online tax filing solution that integrates with QuickBooks, MSDun, Magento, 3dcart and others.

. The Avalara Tax Rates API accepts country codes and postal codes as input to get the tax rate corresponding to a region. The API can also accept an address with country, state, and postal code to determine tax rates for a particular location.

The Tax Rates API returns a JSON response with separate jurisdictions, summary, and associated tax rates returned as decimal percent equivalents. Avalara Tax Rate API is limited to 15 tax rate requests per minute..

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