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The Dandelion API is a semantic API that is used to extract meaning and information from text in different languages ​​(currently Italian, English, German, Portuguese and French). Understanding text has never been easier, especially short text like tweets and other social networks. The Dandelion API extracts entities (such as people, places, concepts, organizations, and events), tags text, and complements links to external tables of information, and more. There are a wide variety of use cases such as enriching existing databases, creating smart search engines and document collection suggestion systems, adding location awareness to web applications, and automatic product tagging on websites.

e-commerce, using data to create infographics and creating market research. give context to web applications and much more The Dandelion API scales easily to support billions of daily searches and can be customized on demand to support custom and user-defined words. Additional languages ​​are available on request. The Dandelion.eu website provides a contact email address, a forum, and a support link to facilitate application development..

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