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The DBS Rewards API provides the functionality to retrieve reward balances, used rewards and discounts, including historical information. The reward ID can be a card or program account number. These APIs also provide the functionality to view reward catalog items and redeem rewards in the form of miles, coupons, and refunds for your earned rewards points.

The API allows customers to use their DBS points instantly as a payment method, providing a more transparent and efficient way to redeem their points. To access the documentation, you must sign up for a developer account with DBS (free). The API is very well documented.

This API also has a Sandbox environment that you can test. The sandbox environment allows only one transaction (request) per second for a given application and API process. DBS (The Development Bank of Singapore Limited | DBS Group) is Asia's leading financial services company.

Based in Singapore, it has a growing presence in Greater China, Southeast Asia and South Asia..

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