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DbAPI allows you to create and enrich digital products using Deutsche Bank's certified customer data. Using bank information, you can improve digital customer journeys or processes and increase their conversions, retention rates and ultimately sales. Access personal information such as addresses, date of birth, nationality, tax identification number for deposits or ID transactions, or use customer transaction information for personalized applications.

Ready-to-use, dedicated API products such as age verification meet real business needs beyond traditional banking services. Deutsche Bank is currently looking for 100 partners to join the API partner network. The API team is eager to engage in an in-depth dialogue with these companies to jointly evaluate potential applications for bank data and the capabilities that dbAPI must meet.

In turn, the selected partners expect a number of benefits. In pilot projects, they will have the opportunity to develop interface solutions that meet their specifications and will be able to use dbAPI free of charge for six months (up to 1000 users)..

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