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Forte Payments Checkout Native/Browser API

Forte Checkouts API allows you to pay with some lines of code on your site, including the following operations; Sales, watches, tokens and authentication for Visa, Mast, Amex, Dine and more. Create a customizable JavaScript button at the top of your current site with up-to-date customer information, advanced form field settings, and more. The Checkouts Pay Now button uses a signed HTML POST transaction.

When the client-side encrypted parameters button is enabled, Forte servers read the parameters and populate the modal window. It contains a Forte namespace version of jQuery that does not conflict with other jQuery client-side code. The browsers supported by Forte Checkouts are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Forte provides a way for merchants and developers to build secure and scalable payment applications for personal, online, mobile and recurring payment solutions..

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