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GetScreenshot is a powerful programmable API that allows you to perform screenshot operations at scale and for less than the existing solutions. This RESTful API can be accessed by any standard / popular client with HTTP capabilities. This means that almost any language with an HTTP request library or built-in module can call GetScreenshot.

A successful request to the API returns a simple JSON containing a URL pointing to the resulting screenshot. To verify requests when using the API, you must provide your API secret key in your request. You do not need to provide a password.

GetScreenshot only supports GET requests by default. However, if you are interested in POST requests, please contact Rasterwise ( as there is a beta version of the endpoint that supports POST requests. Features include: Custom CSS & JS, Hide Cookie Disclaimers, Hide Message Clients, Highlight Keywords, Screenshot Message and Webhook (send a POST request to your own custom endpoint).

Examples of how to generate a standard screenshot in the GetScreenshot API with some popular programming languages can be found in the documentation. Various plans are available, as well as the option of custom plans..

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