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The Hellenic Bank Authentication API can empower your application with a robust set of confirmation-based customer and corporate account and transaction data while meeting bank-level security requirements. Effective data management is also essential for regulatory reporting. Use the API to easily authenticate your users via web / desktop and mobile apps.

This allows you to increase reach and attract more customers. Transactions are executed securely with the OAuth 2 protocol. Sign up to get started.

Testing for your application is available in a Hellenic Bank sandbox environment. Real-time access to account activity via sandbox diary. Hellenic Bank offers a platform with financial APIs.

Companies or developers interested in using APIs can register and test them in a sandbox environment. The openness and modularity of the APIs allow customers to experiment and innovate. Thanks to the standards, they can be connected to their systems very quickly.

It provides openness to third party solutions (eg FinTechs), platforms for partnerships and integrated value chains. With these APIs, you can: Collaborate with one of Cyprus' leading and most innovative banks Unlock new business models with our APIs Secure, reliable and scalable APIs Open APIs for those who are not customers of our bank Multiple currency cash transactions, authentication and account reporting in one place Start building and test your ideas quickly using our realistic sandbox environment.

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