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HERE Geocoder - Forward API provides highly accurate conversion of real world addresses into latitude / longitude coordinates for mapping and spatial analysis. This API delivers new and accurate location information at enterprise level in 196 countries and is the perfect choice for any global solution requiring location services. This allows you to access a high quality REST API available worldwide with a range of analyzers that understand the difference between address formats in different countries.

You can obtain geographic coordinates through entries consisting of addresses (including intersections, house numbers and postal codes) and city names (including areas, regions, landmarks, and places of interest) national significance). HERE Technologies offers location services based on one of HERE's matching platforms. Entries can be full or partial addresses, free of charge or structured.

The printout provides information on scores and matches, postal code border forms, and forms for each administrative level (eg country, state, city). Point addressing, house number interpolation, and extrapolation are used to obtain the most accurate and reliable location results..

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