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Unified APIs for inventory, shopping carts, checkout processing, payments and more so you can focus on creating seamless customer experiences at any scale. Moltin is a cloud-based SaaS e-commerce platform for developers. Moltin offers decoupled components to create custom solutions for websites, mobile and desktop applications, and to power physical stores through inventory management systems and points of sale.

Key components of the API include inventory management (products and variants, categories, collections, brands), shopping carts, orders, customers, addresses, payments, and payment gateways. As a developer, you can choose which of these components to use in your project and create completely unique payment flows without the limitations of existing e-commerce solutions. You can use Moltin anywhere to perform any bargain you or your client wants in any programming language.

With a centralized, cloud-based e-commerce platform, you can have multiple showcases on different devices. This even allows you to disable and / or update your front-end technology without having to switch systems completely..

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