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Oddcast offers its TTS under the brand name Vocalware. Vocalware is a competitive priced, high performance, pay-per-use self-service solution. Pricing is explained on the Vocalware website and a free trial is offered with every registration.

Vocalware API is a cloud-based text-to-speech service to create and play audio in real time in your online application. By term? Do you apply online? We mean any online program, including native code web pages or apps on desktop, server or mobile device. The only requirement is that your application has an Internet connection fast enough to stream audio at 48 kbps.

The Vocalware API allows you to create voices and control audio playback. There are two variants of the API: JavaScript / HTML5 and HTTP-REST, so it can be easily integrated into any application. Whether your application is running in the browser, as a standalone, mobile, desktop or server, one of our range of APIs will work for you.

The Vocalware API supports TTS with hundreds of voices in over 20 languages. In addition to the language and voice to be used, the API can determine the pitch, echo, etc. Allows you to specify optional sound effects such as..

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