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The OxeBox API enables developers to create e-commerce solutions to securely generate and send digital receipts by email. Creating a PDF invoice receipt involves setting up a third-party library, and development efforts and receipts sent to clients via email often end up in users' SPAM folder due to bad server reputation. .

. The OxeBox API mainly solves these two problems by creating impressive PDF invoice receipts on the fly and sending them to the user's inbox via the dedicated email service. All invoice receipts are sent from the email address Recets@oxebox.com.

You can use your company name as part of the JSON request under "Sender Name" and use your "Reply To" email as the reply address, if any of your customers replied to the email. -mail. In addition to sending invoices by email, you can also incorporate the latest offers or their descriptors from social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram in the user participation invoice..

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