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TeleSign's messaging service is a REST API that allows you to send text messages, alerts, reminders and notifications, or send verification messages with one-time access codes (OTP). TeleSign provides a way to create communication and account security in your web and mobile applications. It is a cloud communication platform that enables web and mobile application developers to create powerful and secure communication products using a dynamic platform with a large global network.

TeleSign supports a wide variety of SMS and voice usage scenarios, two-factor authentication (2FA), one-time passwords (OTP), data intelligence, fraud points, and more. TeleSign's easy-to-integrate APIs and SDKs provide speed, reliability and proven success with high-quality, direct-to-carrier routes to provide reliable global access. TeleSign handles billions of communication transactions in 200 countries and 87 languages every year.

Four of the world's five largest companies rely on TeleSign to provide business-critical communications and account security with the highest availability..

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